Nasdaq ITCH data  

Historical ITCH Data

NASDAQ® offers a historical record of the order and trade transaction data from the TotalView-ITCH data feed. Subscribers may download the TotalView-ITCH daily transactions logs on a T+1 basis from a secured website or FTP server. The historical data is contained within a flat text file, as per SoupFILE specification, and as a binary file, as per BinaryFILE specification.

To obtain Historical TotalView-ITCH data, please select your desired access method:

ITCHData FTP Server    

ITCH V4.0 Web Access     ITCH V4.1 Web Access    

BX ITCH V4.0 Web Access     BX ITCH V4.1 Web Access    

NOII Web Access     NOII V4.1 Web Access    

ITTO Web Access    

ITTO v2 A-M Web Access     ITTO v2 N-Z Web Access    

Velocity Force Web Access    

Pathfinder Web Access    

If you are experiencing problems accessing the Historical TotalView-ITCH product, please contact NASDAQ Technical Support at 212.231.5180.

If you have other questions about the Historical TotalView-ITCH product, please contact NASDAQ Market Data Distribution at 301.978.5307